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Men, be alert! Let’s teach you a thing or two about wearing a tie.

Men, be alert! Let’s teach you a thing or two about wearing a tie.

Ties in most part of the world are an integral part of uniforms. Wearing a neck tie or a customized bow tie, a part of dress code, has lot more than just being a tradition. They give you an identity. Ties, in old times, conveyed your gentlemanliness to the people you spoke to. Nowadays, ties are looked at as more of an accessory to be worn with a suit. Mind you, organizations have more to do with a tie as part of their uniform, they express authority, power, control and professionalism. So, if you aren’t wearing your tie properly or wearing a tie that doesn’t go well with your body, what exactly is it stake?

Yes, you don’t wear a tie almost every day (or maybe you do) but a lot of people do, look around you. And, even if it’s ‘the day’ to wear a tie shouldn’t you try to make the most of that neck tie. Whether you are a businessman, a professional in a corporate job or an employee who needs to wear a tie every day, here are answers to the questions you might have been looking for—

Are there varieties of tie or are they all the same?

Are there varieties of tie or are they all the same

There are four basic types—standard length necktie, extra-long tie, knit tie and skinny tie. Their width differentiates them from each other, skinny ties are under 3” and standard ties are 3” or over. Extra-long neckties are meant for men over 6’ and are around 67” in length as compared to standard ties which measure 58” in length. Knit ties are knitted ties to lend you a seasonal look.

Which one would look good on you?

Which tie would look good on you

It’s simple, don’t let your tie take over your body. Wear a tie according to your chest’s width. If you are gifted with a wide-chest, you shouldn’t try a tie any less than 3” wide. Similarly, folks with a slim body, would be better off with a 3” tie or less. If you are 6’ tall or over, extra-long ties would do the magic.

How far should your tie reach?

Yes, thats how we like it

Fashionably, the tip of your tie shouldn’t go an inch lower or be above the belt line to look the best. If it’s anything other than that we suggest you tie it again.

A matching tie? How do you decide which one would go well with the outfit?

You don’t have to worry about finding a tie which matches your shoe, shirt and belt. You’d be lucky to find one though. As a general rule, you should try to match your tie with your shirt—patterned ties go well with solid shirts and vice-versa.

Does your complexion affect the selection of a tie?

Yes, it does. Simply, bright colored (Red, Yellow or Orange) ties compliment darker complexion while darker colors (Blue, Green, or Purple) compliment a fair complexion.

Which material is your tie made of?

Ties are categorized as either knit or woven on the basis of the construction of their material. Woven ties are made of criss- crossed threads of the material and knit material is made of numerous loops stitched together, you can wear your woven tie in Silk, wool or Microfiber. These fabrics have their own advantages.

Silk lends ties soft and a glittery look—so you know which tie to own to complete your next corporate party look. However, they are difficult to wash and demand frequent dry cleaning. On the other hand, Microfiber woven ties though don’t have the sheen as much as Silk ones, they can washed in cool water at home.

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